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Black Mold

Black Mold Removal Made Easy

Black mold removal can be a complicated process if you're not properly prepared, but removing black mold can be essential for protecting your home and your health. We've created this black mold removal guide to help you determine whether to call a mold removal company or take matters into your own hands. It's not easy to get rid of black mold, but the level of difficulty varies based on how much toxic mold you have growing in your home. If you have any doubt about your ability to remove black mold, contact a professional and get an assessment. Black mold abatement should be done in a way that will protect you from developing potentially harmful health symptoms. Consider this guide as your blueprint for black mold mitigation with as little hassle and risk as possible.

Do you have Black Mold?

Before launching your black mold removal efforts, you must first positively identify toxic black mold in your home. Most kinds of mold are harmless, and they can be removed with spray cleaner solution and towels. Black mold, also known as Stachybotrys Atra, is one of the most dangerous types of mold that can grow inside homes. Simply looking at the mold isn't always enough to know whether it's toxic. You must also consider numerous other factors that could put your home at risk of a black mold infestation.

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Multiple factors distinguish black mold from other types of mold. One of the most recognizable factors is a musty smell, like mildew, that is usually caused by black mold. Although Stachybotrys Atra is called black mold, it may often have a greenish tint that wouldn't be present with other types of household mold. The location of the mold growth can also be telling; toxic black mold usually grows in areas that are dark and moist, or in areas that have recently been exposed to unusual amounts of moisture. If you find greenish-black mold with a musty smell in these areas, then that's a strong indication of having black mold in your home. Even if you don't have black mold, you should begin planning mold removal procedures if all of these black mold symptoms are present.

Black mold has been connected with numerous health conditions, and oftentimes people begin feeling sick before they realize they have black mold problems in their homes. Many types of mold have been known to cause mild to moderate health problems, usually in the way of allergy or cold symptoms. However, toxic black mold has been linked to serious health conditions including black mold poisoning, brain damage, lung hemorrhaging and death. Not everyone who is exposed to black mold will develop dangerous symptoms or health problems, but the fact remains that black mold growths can be fatal if not removed. If you begin experiencing unusual symptoms such as difficulty breathing, hearing loss, memory loss or sinus troubles, search your home for black mold growths and resolve the problem immediately if a growth is found.

Black Mold Removal and Diagnosis

If you've followed the guide to this point, you should have a better idea of whether you have black mold that needs to be removed. Getting rid of black mold is often simple if you follow our established process. Black mold mitigation may seem overwhelming, but we'll what you through what to do to get rid of black mold.

Get Rid of Moisture

First, identify where your black mold is growing and figure out what you can do to correct the root of the problem. Black mold tends to grow in parts of the home that are exposed to moisture, so you need to figure out how to dry out that part of your home. You can purchase a mold dehumidifier to remove moisture from the air, or you can purchase products that draw in moisture, drying the nearby environment. You may have leaky pipes that need to be fixed, or perhaps there's a problem with the room's ventilation that could be addressed. Black mold usually grows in the bathroom, basement, garage or the attic – sometimes black mold even grows in the ventilation ducts of your home. These are all areas that are susceptible to dark, moist conditions that cause black mold growths to thrive.

If any part of your home has recently sustained flood damage, a broken water pipe or some other unusual source of moisture, you should inspect that part of your home frequently for several weeks for the occurrence of black mold. As you walk around your home, also be aware of the musty, mildew smell that can come from toxic black mold. It's easy to get used to such smells, especially if they appear gradually over time.

Black Mold Removal Preparation

Next you must prepare to get rid of the black mold growth you've found in your home. You must first outfit yourself with protective cleaning gear, because spores inhaled from black mold can cause severe health complications. You must rent or purchase a respiratory mask and protective gloves, and goggles should be worn to prevent black mold spores from entering your eyes. You will then need to buy a powerful mold removal cleaning agent and a few heavy-duty sponges. Remember, safety first! Do not attempt to clean black mold unless you have all of your safety gear.

There are many types of mold removal products to choose from when selecting a cleaning agent. Getting rid of toxic black mold usually requires a cleaner with a potent active ingredient. You can use a mixture of water and bleach, or you can find ready-mixed mold removal products at most hardware and home improvement stores. You can also find a wealth of powerful mold removal products online. Heavy-duty mold removal products are easiest to attain through stores, rather than trying to mix a powerful mold removal cleaning product on your own. You don't want to take any chances when removing black mold growths.

Finally, seal off the area of your home that you plan on cleaning. When you contact the mold with your cleaning supplies, black mold spores will go airborne, and you want to make sure these spores don't travel to other parts of your house. Use duct tape to seal off vents and small openings, and layer furnishings, counter space and other surface areas with plastic sheeting that can be thrown away afterward. After going through all the work to remove black mold, the last thing you want is a recurrence of your problem later on.

Get Rid of Black Mold

For more in-depth information about getting rid of black mold, check out our Web page dedicated entirely to that topic. Getting rid of black mold is simple once you've amassed your safety gear and cleaning agent, and after you've sealed off the room you're cleaning. Use soap and water to wipe away most of the black mold you can see with your eyes. Then, go back over all surfaces with your powerful mold removal cleaning agent. Let these areas dry, and then throw away everything you used to clean the room that had the mold growth. If you do everything right, you will have removed all of the mold spores and taken care of your black mold problem.